After the trouble of Darbhanga airport, good news came for the passengers.

After the grit of Darbhanga airport, news of relief has come to the fore. Let us inform that in view of the problem of people returning home on Diwali and Chhath festival, the number of aircraft has been increased on the Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore routes. By increasing the number of aircraft, it will be easier for the passengers to return.

On Chhath Puja, the great festival of folk faith, the influx of foreigners leave for home. Where people take the help of train and air route to return. Huge crowds of people gather at the railway station and airport. To deal with the crowd, the Railways will run Puja special trains on many routes, while on the other hand, the airline has operated on Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore routes continuously from October 20 to 23 before Diwali. The plane will take off.

At the same time, 03 flights will fly daily on Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore routes from 28 to 29 October for Chhath Puja. Giving information about the routes on which the number of aircraft has been increased, from October 20 to 23, Mumbai-Darbhanga will fly three flights per day, from October 18, two daily on the Delhi route, from October 20, two flights will fly on the Darbhanga-Bengaluru route.

The number of flights has been increased for Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, while one flight each will continue to operate on the Hyderabad and Kolkata routes every day. The number of flights has increased due to the special rush of passengers during the festival, which needs to be operated uninterruptedly even on normal days.

This will not solve the problem of passengers going to and from Darbhanga Airport, but it will give some relief. Those who have to approach Patna airport for air travel. At the same time, only increasing the flights will not work, but efforts should be made to restore the basic facilities at the airport as soon as possible. Protection Status