Meet Devam Divecha, the VFX Artist Who is also Killing It as a Fashion Model

India offers talent that runs deep to the world. Whether it’s actors, director, writers, producers, business people, and in this case – Models. We’re constantly blown away by the beauty of exotic and foreign models but we seem to forget the beauties with Indian genes in their blood. Today, we have one of our shining Indian names in the international modeling scene, from fashion stages to fashion magazines.

Meet Devam Divecha, a fashion model who’s having the world’s fashion industry talking about him. He’s for sure no stranger; a walking magnet to the eyes. Devam is endowed with the characteristics to be a top model and now he’s recently signed with the SR event management Models’ agency.

According to Devam, being an international model is not only about being fit and meeting measurements but about personality as well. A strong leveled head is important to be able to survive that industry where glitz and glamour can be falsely portrayed.

And Devam has it all that’s needed to navigate and succeed: Looks, brain, determination, and a strong personality. His strong will for success has opened a lot of doors for him in such a competitive industry.

Devam is currently based in Ahmedabad and shifts between there and Gujarat for modeling projects. He has already modeled for fashion model, advertisement.

While he has already made a name in the Indian fashion world, Devam is building a career in the film industry as a creative VFX and photo editor with dream to work on arena animation Protection Status