Meet Kanika Tekriwal, the 32-year-old Entrepreneur Who Owns 10 Private Jets

Tekriwal identified the issues in the private aviation industry and vowed to fix them.

With an aim to reform the private jet industry, a budding entrepreneur named Kanika Tekriwal founded a startup at the age of 22. Now, after 10 years, Tekriwal’s business is flying high and so are her 10 private jets, reported Indiatimes. An MBA graduate, Tekriwal co-founded JetSetGo with her friend Sudheer Perla back in 2012. Tekriwal’s plane aggregator startup manages, flies, and operates chartered planes and helicopters for the owners.
While private flying is considered a premium luxury, enjoyed by only a few, Tekriwal wanted to make it more accessible, economical, efficient, and transparent. So, Tekriwal soon began to chalk up plans and execute her idea.

However, a hurdle came her way just before she could start. “I had the idea brewing in my head for close to three years or so, but when I took out my sketch board and started working on it, I was diagnosed with cancer, which set me back by a year,” said Tekriwal.
But, according to Tekriwal, no one had come up with a unique approach like her till she finished her cancer treatment, even till today.
Tekriwal, who hails from an orthodox Marwari family, identified the issues in the private aviation industry and vowed to fix them. She highlighted that when someone approaches a broker or an operator to fly in a private jet, they don’t pay heed to the requirement of the customer and only suggest aircraft that can fetch them the maximum commission. “Due to sheer lack of transparency and non-availability of charter planes, customers pay astronomical amounts,” Tekriwal added, reported Indiatimes.

Tekriwal worked for roughly 20 months analysing the gaps in the industry and then came up with JetSetGo. The company offers air taxi services and provides intra-city connectivity in India. It has employed electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft and uses a mix of tech, SMART management, and unique management to reduce the overall cost of a chartered flight.
In addition, this method also helps cut down the maintenance cost of the aircraft, decrease ground time, and increase airtime while ensuring profitability. Now, Tekriwal wants to make chartered air travel more accessible for all and establish it as the future transport for Indians. “We are looking to democratise air travel,” Tekriwal said.

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