Mehndi – Tradition, and Motivation

Which girl is not fond of Mehndi, I think all girls like to put it on their hands and on some occasions on their legs too. Mehndi is something people can’t forget and leave behind, even modern families. It’s a sign of tradition and beauty and a good lick too. But why have I mentioned motivation? Let me show you who converted this to motivation too.

Have you heard of Miral Patel Mehndi, the famous mehndi artist who is not only good in the artwork of mehndi designs but also good in creativity and ideas. Along with all this, she is also interested in mathematics and even holds a degree in the field of electronics and communication. Yes, she is a beauty with a brain lady. Her work motivated many ladies to work after pregnancy also. Yes, she continued her work.

How it all started? While studying for her M.Sc., she looked for a medium to earn money and so started taking orders for mehndi, and now, today it’s her passion and a ‘key to success. After some period of time, in 2017, during her pregnancy, she started learning the basics of art in mehndi which helped her with today’s requirements.

For her, mehndi is a business in which you don’t need investments, you just need creativity, handwork, and time. She says “Believe in yourself and keep creating dreams and work hard to make it happen” to all those ladies who are looking forward to work even after pregnancy. Protection Status