Two youths of Darbhanga arrested at Patna airport.

Arrest of two youths of Darbhanga at Patna airport as soon as they got off the flight. Let us inform that on Monday night, Patna Police has arrested two youths of Darbhanga while taking a big action at Patna Airport. In fact, throwing light on the whole matter, the Haryana STF had informed the Patna Police about the arrival of two suspects in the case of cybercrime.

The numbers from which the cybercrime was done are in the name of these two youths of Darbhanga. Haryana Police was looking for it in Mumbai. Which both of them got to know, and then both of them fled from Mumbai to Patna. As soon as the Mumbai Police got the clue of their escape, they contacted Patna Police from there. Based on this, after landing an Indigo flight on Monday night, Mohammad Mubarak and Mohammad Ashfaq of Darbhanga reached inside the terminal, caught by the police.

Both have been kept in police custody after their arrest. These two will be handed over after the Haryana STF team arrives on Tuesday. However, in which case the cyber fraud has been done so far, the information about it has not been revealed. Protection Status